Academic Institutions

Critical Language Service provides a turnkey solution for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, to offer Arabic as a foreign language via classroom-based distance learning. Our program eliminates the need to hire an Arabic teacher or develop curriculum. Institutions are provided with a qualified teacher via video conference, who is a native speaker of Arabic, and a course syllabus detailing the curriculum to be used in the course.

Classes are taught via an interactive video conference between one classroom and one teacher at a time. They are regularly scheduled classes, taught to a physical classroom that is equipt for video conferencing, which meet 5 days per week, for one class period at a time, for an academic year (approximately 180 days). The instructors teach classes via interactive video conference from Egypt and Morocco; making this a wonderful opportunity to add a global element to a school's curriculum. 

Enrollment is limited to twenty-five students. Courses are appropriate for students in kindergarten through college and beyond. Course materials differ depending on the age group. Students have access seven days a week to online additional support as well as regularly scheduled drop-in Skype office hours with teachers. Graded and non-graded options are available. The graded option includes regular formative and summative assessments as well as standardized independent international exams administered as part of midterm and final assessments. Grades are based upon exam results (oral and written), homework, projects, and class participation. 


# of Students                  Price per Academic Year

1-5                                 $6,000 

7-11                               $8,000

12-16                             $10,000

17-25                             $15,000*

*A limit of 16 students is preferred for optimal results

** All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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Our programs include:

  • Age-specific programs
  • University-level curriculum option for grades 6 and up
  • Graded and ungraded options
  • Internationally-recognized textbooks and materials
  • Standards-based
  • Successfully teaches speaking, reading, and writing
  • Tech-integrated curriculum
  • Efficient use of multiple online learning platforms
  • Success and Personalized support for all students