Critical Language Service incorporates only high-quality coursework materials into its curriculum. Our Arabic courses for young learners (grades K-5) are taught using The Arabian Sinbad Program. Academic stream courses for students in grade 6 and up utilize Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya 3rd editions, a college-level series of Arabic textbooks published by Georgetown University Press. This is the most widely used Arabic textbook series in the world, and brings students from beginning to advanced levels of Arabic over the course of eight semesters.

Features of the Al-Kitaab 3rd editions include:

  • Authentic texts for reading comprehension practice
  • In-depth grammar explanations including formal and colloquial examples
  • Relatable storylines in formal Arabic and Egyptian Arabic to provide context for vocabulary and introduce culture
  • Visually engaging color-coded words and phrases to clarify grammar and vocabulary
  • Relevant video dialogues from everyday life in Egypt
  • iTunes-compatible audio and audiovisual materials
  • Instructor’s oral and written feedback on homework accessible online
  • Interactive, self-correcting exercises on companion website

Companion Website

The Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program companion website is an engaging, effective learning aid. It provides instant access to vocabulary and listening comprehension exercises, fill-in-the-blank texts, and speaking activities. The majority of the exercises are graded automatically, giving students immediate feedback on their work and progress. This allows the teacher to effectively examine and identify patterns in each student’s mistakes, and give directly relevant feedback on individual errors and questions. Each student receives the kind of personalized attention similar to that of a personal language tutor.  

Engaging, Interactive Homework

Homework isn’t something to be dreaded anymore—it’s an interactive learning experience, with instant, targeted feedback. Help is only an email away, and the teacher often reaches out to a student with advice or assistance before the student even realizes he or she is struggling with a concept. Our goal is to support and help students achieve mastery of the material.



  • Utilizes renowned Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program
  • American university-standard curriculum
  • Companion websites supplement textbooks
  • Online homework review and monitoring by instructors
  • Online exercises with instant feedback
  • Teachers analyze student progress via online tools
  • Homework help that is just an email away
  • Effectively supports students in achieving mastery