Academic Standards

Our courses can be rigorous or informal. Each course is tailored to meet the goals of the students or sponsoring institution. For groups interested in a rigors academic experience we offer exams, quizzes, and syllabus created by qualified teachers who have taught Arabic at prestigious American universities. The performance of our students is measured by American educational standards.

Junior and Senior High, College and Beyond

The program for junior high and high school students is unique in its quality and delivery method. We currently offer the equivalent of the first two years of a standard American university Arabic language program. The academic stream is usually reserved for schools, colleges, or institutes.  It is for students in grade 6 and above and allows students to feel integrated into a university-level Arabic program. In many American universities, first-year Arabic is typically used to weed out students and, consequently, has a high drop-out rate. Students who complete one academic year of Arabic, attending class 5 days per week, with Critical Language Service will, in many cases, be able to be placed into second year Arabic, thereby avoiding the difficulties of the year-one course.  We currently offer the equivalent of the first two years of Arabic university level Arabic. The personalized attention and support of our curriculum provides a solid foundation from which students can build and ultimately excel. 

The recreational stream, allows students to make meaningful progress in learning Arabic as a foreign language while only attending 2 classes a week. This is an ideal program for homeschool, independent 5-12 students, and adult learners who enjoy using technology.

Lower Grades Program

The program for students in grades K-5 focuses on teaching students to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic while keeping explicit instruction in grammar to a bare minimum. The flipped classroom videos for this age group are educational cartoons designed to teach Arabic as a foreign language. During class teachers engage students through songs, games, puppets and conversational activities. The focus is on learning words and having fun.

 It’s the Complete Package

Our curriculum is a complete and effective package. Critical Language Service’s innovative method of connecting students and teachers via online communication technology offers an unprecedented opportunity for students to access superb Arabic language teachers across the globe. By utilizing the latest in technology-based learning tools, the program makes studying more efficient, valuable, and personalized. When these aspects are combined with an internationally recognized textbook systems, academically qualified teachers who are native Arabic speakers, and a flipped classroom environment that encourages and requires students to engage fully with the language, the result is a comprehensive program with real results that can be tailored to each student or classroom’s individual needs. 

We provide not only the best in Arabic language curriculum, but also excellent teachers, blended learning, and innovative approaches to the modern classroom. Our program is an ideal, accessible course for a variety of different students.


 Our programs include:

  • Rigorous, optional, university-level curriculum
  • Age appropriate programs for K-12, college & beyond
  • Regular, effective assessments
  • Internationally-recognized textbooks
  • Standards-based instruction
  • Successfully teaches speaking, reading, and writing
  • Multimedia and tech-integrated curriculum
  • Success and personalized support for all students